Не упусти свой шанс! EVS в Латвии!


NGO Preili for educated Latvia are looking for 2 volunteers

Place: Preiļi, Latvia. NGO Preiļi for educated Latvia.
Duration: 9 to 12 months. (Starting mid-August /September 2017

«We offer volunteers an exciting year in the rural area of Latvia were learning is one of our passions, and opportunities are many and more: sports, music, dance, youth club, food and much more. We are welcoming our volunteers to be included in our society and everyday life. We care. That is on of the assets we have.

Will have 80EUR pocket money + food money. Will have a room in a shared flat with another volunteer. Many amazing and creative people with the sense of humour around. Ability to learn a lot about alternative education and learning in nature. Space to innovate.»

If you are:

︎✔Ready to share love and passion
︎✔Likes to be the tallest in the room
︎✔Finds hide & seek crazy entertaining
︎✔Ready to come up with games, activities, workshops, initiatives
︎✔Doesn’t melt at +25C and doesn’t freeze at -25C
︎✔Find wellington boots fashionable
︎✔Find forest the best NY’s party place
︎✔Trusts in fulfilling and crazy ideas
︎✔Is ready to experience small town beauty
︎✔Friends with social media and multimedia tools
︎✔In love with life
︎✔Knows English or Russian
︎✔Enjoys working with kids
︎✔Have hobbies (music, arts, sports, outdoors etc.) and ready to teach others!

Then we really want you to contact us by sending your application to pilbiedriba@gmail.com till 21.02.2017

Selected candidates will have a Skype interview.

More information here: