About us

BYPU “New Faces” – Belarusian youth non-governmental organization, was registered by Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus on the 20th of February in 1997.

From then on for more than 15 years already we have been doing our best to contribute to solving social problems in the Republic of Belarus and support the initiative of those who care.

Our mission:
Based on the principals of openness, tolerance and equality, using innovative ways of work and methods of non-formal education, we promote the building of an active civil position of the young people of the Republic of Belarus.

Our aims:

  • assisting the development of the democratic youth movement in Belarus;
  • supporting youth initiatives in the sphere of culture, education, information, ecology;
  • assisting piece consolidation, struggling against intolerance and discrimination;
  • creating intercultural mutual understanding and youth cooperation;
  • youth comprehensive development

How do we fulfill our aims? Of course holding different very interesting events of which everyone can become a participant:

  • international youth exchanges
  • trainings
  • conferences
  • teaching seminars
  • actions
  • cultural festivals
  • work-shops/master classes

We also cooperate with Belarusian NGOs developing social organizations network that take care of the youth with fewer opportunities, as well as cover the features of the Belarusian youth movement in media.

The Structure of BYPU “New Faces”:
The management of the organization is conducted by the Board that consists of:

  • Chairman/woman
  • Deputy Chairman/woman
  • 5 members of the Board (that are elected on the organization Common Meeting)

There is also a Monitoring Committee that consists of 3 members (are elected on the common meeting as well). Monitoring Committee is responsible for internal review of the finance performance of the organization as well as looks after the accordance of the organization activities to the legislation and Charter.

The supreme body of our organization is the Common meeting of all the members.

BYPU “New Faces” is…
  platform for creating projects on various social problems that young people face in Belarus,
    opportunity to find new friends all over the world,
      place, where each and everyone can get the unique experience of working in the sphere of non-formal education,
        lots of new impressions,
          great assistant for those who care and want to make this world better!

Welcome to BYPU “New Faces”!

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