Au! Share!

We in “New Faces” believe everyone has got a talent! Each and everyone possess some unique and exciting skill, for example, knitting or the ability to write amazing resumes! What does it mean? It means that she or he should definitely share this talent with the world!
And for the beginning you can share it with “New Faces” and our always interested members. Our local project “Au! Share!” is designed exactly for this purpose. It gives the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills with others.

Some people have already participated in this local project.

Just recently Yana Zinchenko, a high-class expert and our good friend, in the frames of “Au! Share!” project told about the process of creating, writing and organizing your own project! Everything, starting from how to find a good idea and fill in the application to the possible ways of successful fund rising!


Moreover we, for example, learnt how to decorate Easter cakes – let`s say it is a pretty fantastic skill! All this came true thanks to a nice girl – Zoya Pryshyvalka.


Well, if you want to share your talents with other people, conduct a workshop or a seminar, don`t be shy! Better write us on our organization e-mail newfacesbox (at) and become a part of the “Au! Share!” project!