If you walk around Minsk you will definitely get an impression that apart from Belarusians no one really lives here. But if you look a bit more attentively in some places you will find the representatives of other cultures and nationalities: Chinese students, Vietnamese cooks, Afghan refugees, Gypsy nomads… What do we know about them and their culture? Probably not very much. Do they know something about our traditions? Most likely not much. This lack of knowledge and information about the cultural heritage and traditions of other nationalities often results in rising stereotypes, that most of the time are not true. Such ignorance leads to cross-cultural misunderstanding, and why? Just because of shortage of first hand experience.

Cultcafe was created by a group of young people – members of “New Faces” that decided to initiate cross-cultural dialogue and highlight the cultural diversity in Belarus. Everyone can take part in this project. Together we can answer a lot of question:
– In what situation are cultural communities today in Belarus?
– Who are they, where did they come from, what problems do they face?
– How well are they integrated in the Belarusian society?
You can become a guest of our Cultcafe if you are:
– A representative of national minorities with official status in Belarus
– A representative of other nationalities and cultures without an official status of a national minority constantly or currently living in Belarus

“New Faces” are open for new faces and cultures, of course we are – look at our name) That is way we invite everyone to join our project!

If you have any questions or you want to become a part of the project, please contact New Faces team:
newfacesbox (at)