More than a football match!

More than a football match!

From October 6 till October 20 the #FootbalPeople action weeks took place. Social activists, professional and amateur footbal players have participated in a series of activities as football matches, educational workshops, discussions and more in order to promote social inclusion (to raise social involvement in society).

The international movement Football People is now in Belarus! Belarussian NGO New Faces has joined more than 100,000 enthusiasts all over the world in order to come out against discrimination and all barriers that exclude people and communities.

On October 22, at school №148 (Minsk) there was not just a football match that took place, but «More than a football match!» Its aim is to unite the representatives of different national minorities living in Belarus and to strengthen the intercultural friendship.

New Faces team comments:

«Why do we do this? The answer is quite simple – we want to live in peace and strive to know more about representatives of different cultures. And for that very reason, what could be better than a football match?»

«This time we decided to go further and talk about why it turns out not so easy to live in peace and why we come across the problem of misunderstanding and exclusion of the representatives of national minorities. What is xsenophobia and how to fight it? So, we had the game and discussion for answering that questions!»

Then, there was a long-awaited Football match! Absolutely, everyone had a chance to take part in it. The beginners could practice their skill before the match with a football trainer.

In the end we enjoyed the snacks and drinks brought by the participants representing different national minorities. So, you see, how we easily communicate, make friends, and develop ourselves!

“The Football People action weeks” is the time for everyone involved in football to
stand together for the same goal: to bring a positive change through playing football!

In 2016, over 2,000 activities were organised in more than 60 countries. More than 100,000 people took part.

New Faces and Fare encourage all groups engaged in antidiscriminatory actions to get involved in the Football People weeks.

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