Welcome to the eco-lecture and workshop!

Welcome to the eco-lecture and workshop!

Do you sort trash? If no, you just need to come and listen to the lecture by our invited expert Paul Kovshelya!

You’ll get the knowledge about the main types of waste that can be sorted, peculiar properties of recycling, and how you can reduce the harmful impact of each of us on the environment and climate change by little efforts!

We will learn how to make simple and comfortable eco-pouches for coins out of the ordinary … Tetrapak! (As it’s illustrered on the picture) Bring any empty and clean carton of juice/milk, etc. However, if you can’t, we’ll provide you with it 🙂

30th of October, 1-4 p.m.
Youth Center “Fialta”, Myasnikov 35, the entrance from the yard

Bring delicacies for tea!

Free Admission!

Please register via the link for participation: