Youthmeeting “The Sound of YOUrope”

Youthmeeting "The Sound of YOUrope"

Youthmeeting “The Sound of YOUrope”
When: 13 – 20 November 2016
Where: St Andreasberg, Germany
Who: 8 participants, 1 youthleader
Deadline: 24.10.2016

Details: 50 young immigrated and not immigrated people from 5 countries meet in the Harz Mountains to make music and discuss their own ideas and questions about migration in Europe and in the countries they live in. Based on questions the participants bring, we will build multinational groups to work on different aspects of the main topic. Central question to find these aspects will be: “What would be needed to make Europe YOUrope?”
Supported by experienced youth leader the groups will gain knowledge about the topics they are interested in (for example EU-foreign policy, situation of refugees in the participation countries, freedom of movement, protection of minorities in EU…), develop ideas to exert influence, exchange about their individual and national living conditions, empower each other and experience solidarity among the participants from all over Europe.
Moreover they will get the chance to work on their creative skills and creative way to express themselves in workshops on sound and music like Hip-Hop, creative writing, how to create your own Radio show, songwriting etc.
Considering the question: “How should YOUrope sound” music and its power to connect people and as a means of expression will be a central aspect of the youthmeeting.

Costs:Participation fee 170 euro per person, youthleader free of charge. Travel expenses are covered in 170 euro. Lodgings are covered in 100%.

Working language: English

Application form: